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Mr. Francois Poupart came to Louisiana in 1965 to work as a pastry chef after working in Paris, bringing his wife, Louise, with him. He soon discovered that his strong French
accent was not a barrier in Cajun country, and was in fact appreciated and complimented. Francois and Louise quickly grew to love Acadiana and decided to settle here and raise a
family. Today, Mr. Francois Poupart continues to work each day alongside his son, Patrick Poupart, and an incredible team of dedicated pastry chefs and staff members

A visit to Poupart's will undoubtedly make you a lifelong patron. Whether you crave fresh breads, French pastries, hot corn and crab bisque or rum cake - there is something to satisfy even the pickiest gourmand!

And don’t be afraid to flex your French-speaking tongue here: the staff and regular customers are delighted when someone new comes in with the greeting, “Bonjour.” After all, good French pastries taste that much better when accompanied by a little French speaking.

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Since 1967, we remain the only authentic French bakery in Acadiana. Stop by and you'll feel as though you've been transported to a village bakery in the French countryside. For over forty years, our family, inspired and led by Mr. Francois Poupart and Mr. Patrick Jean Marie Poupart, has been making the finest French pastries, Old World French Breads, sweet treats, and savory soups and sandwiches. So stop by today and treat yourself to hot beignets and French roast coffee, pick up some freshly made eclairs or stop by for a wonderful lunch of homemade bisque and sandwiches.

So, Allons Chez Poupart's - where C'est Tout Bon!